11 January 2012

Where will you take your Footprint?

Innovative Boating Design Debuts at the Toronto International Boat Show

The Footprint Boat, a trailerable, camper-catamaran, is taking the lead at this years' Toronto International Boat Show. Designed to change the way we play and sleep on the water, the Footprint Boat is 27ft long, trailerable, and sleeps 6 comfortably.

The boats sleek design and lightweight materials make it durable, fuel efficient and easy to handle. Designed, constructed and tested in the waters in and around Victoria B.C. - this boat solves the problem of affordable and comfortable adventures for kayakers, fisherman, families, campers, and anyone else who loves to get out on the water and explore.

Builder Ian Collombin, developed the Footprint concept and gained inspiration from his many adventure travels; canal boats of Europe, Airstream trailers, Westfalia Campervans, multi-hulls, and trailerable boats and tent trailers all play into the Footprints design and easy to use amenities. Current boats able to accommodate 6 are too large to be trailered and too expensive for the average family. High moorage rates, upkeep costs, and fuel prices are factors that have caused many to rethink boating as a hobby and lifestyle. People are searching for a less expensive alternative. A trailer-able boat greatly reduces costs and expands cruising horizons. The Footprint Boat is the answer.

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