Footprint Concept

aboutThe Footprint Boat was created to revolutionize the boating world. It solves the problem of affordable family accommodation on the water. Using a form must follow function philosophy, this design focuses on what it must do, not how it should look. The Footprint Boat is a lightweight, low maintenance, fuel efficient, affordable “working man’s yacht.”

Footprint Design

The catamaran platform is efficient and stable. Long slender hulls provide a smooth ride with little resistance, easily powered by small fuel-efficient outboards. Sliding cross-arm members allow the Footprint’s beam to be varied from trailerable width (8'6") to (11’9'), dramatically increasing both usable area and stability. Sleeping six comfortably, the solution to accommodating your crew on such a small Footprint is its flexible space. Either wide open or fully enclosed, the forward pod seats your guests on comfortable couches while in motion, then they double as bunks, either covered for shelter or open to the night sky when at anchor or moored.

Footprint Boats will be exhibited at the Toronto International Boat Show January 14-22, 2012 & Calgary Boat & Sportmen's Show February 9-12, 2012.

Click play below to view Footprint Boat in action!